Accurate Prediction: How to Do It Right

Beginning bettors, if they have a desire to confidently and accurately predict the outcome of events, need to have relevant knowledge. They will help to make successful bets using not only guesses and intuition but also analysis with statistics. Relying on luck, you can accidentally guess a few times, but by doing the right analysis and studying statistics, the chances of winning over long distances increase.

Using statistical data from experts on informational Internet resources, such as, or on the bookmakers’ websites, bettors increase their chances of making an accurate prediction and placing the right bet on the sport.

Basic recommendations for predicting bets

When making predictions on various events, you should not rely only on luck. Be sure to use analysis and statistical data taking advantage of fairly simple prediction tips:

  1. Predictions based on variable parameters are based on the data on the clubs’ productive performance. Analyzing the data enables you to make a more accurate prediction about the current prospects between rivals. Familiarize yourself with the information about the ten previous meetings of your team, which will help to get a complete picture of the game in the next matches.
  2. Estimated number of goals scored – in this case, elementary mathematics is used, and the data can easily be found on sports forums or on information portals, where professional commentators provide information on the estimated goals scored in the tournament. And pay special attention to the results by possession to analyze and understand all possible scoring options between the opponents.
  3. Home field advantage – As statistics show, the team playing on the home field almost always has an advantage. It is on the home field that teams show the best performance. Be sure to use this data for your own predictions. The home environment gives confidence and provides the opportunity to win tournaments even against stronger opponents. In addition, there are more fans at home than away. And this is a huge emotional support, which gives strength and confidence.
  4. Difference of scored/conceded. It is available in all statistical categories. In some cases, competitions end up with rather unexpected results. For this, it is very important to study the information about the expected scored/conceded difference. And also to review the previous games of the team to better and more accurately predict the result.
  5. Team lineup – this requires a thorough analysis of all players on the team: who’s in the main squad, who’s on the bench. Familiarize yourself with the information about each player, taking into account newcomers who may also affect the result of the game.
  6. Targeted goal attempts – according to statistics, the greater the desire to score the goal, the more chances there are to win. Every shot on goal is different, so it is important to look for information on possession – the number of assists and shots on goal. When statistics are analyzed, a clear pattern can be seen – the team with the high percentage of ball possession makes more accurate shots.
  7. The position is the place on the field from which the attempts are made is an important aspect of prediction. Pay attention to the places where the team makes the best shots on goal. The same is applicable to the opponent’s defense – where on the field it is stronger, and where it is weaker. In this case, it is necessary to calculate all possible shots from different positions on the field.

Basic knowledge of predicting using statistical data will not make a new bettor a professional, but it will significantly increase the chances of making accurate bets, and at the same time to win.


Possession of up-to-date information is the maximum guarantee of success. Sports predictions enable bettors to react instantly to the slightest changes in the potential outcomes and make bets with the maximum benefit, protecting themselves from unexpected changes.