Seven Different Types Of Industrial Fans

Industrial fans are the machines specifically designed to produce a large flow of air or gas in different types of industries including food manufacturing, waste management, pharmaceutical, and glass manufacturing units. These fans have blades connected to the hub and shaft and are driven by a rotating motor. When it comes to industrial fan installation, there are different types of industrial fans that are right for different industries. In this article enlisted are different types of industrial fans.

  • Centrifugal Industrial Fans

Centrifugal industrial fans (or blowers) depend on the rotating disk and blades mounted to the disk at right angles to extract air and gasses and also spin the air outwards. When talking about industrial fan installation, these fans can operate effectively in environments having high extreme temperatures and pressure. Centrifugal industrial fans are specifically designed for harsh conditions where there is dust and debris, air conditioning units, furnaces, air pollution control systems, and dust control.

  • Axial Industrial Fans

An axial force is used by the axial industrial fans to move air or gas. When it comes to the design, these fans include a central hub that spins and blades that extends from the outside diameter. Air is extracted by the axial fans, which is then forced in a parallel direction to the shaft, causing the rotation of the blades. Low-pressure and high volume airflows are created by these industrial fans which make them suitable to move air from one space to the other, cooling the confined spaces, cooling large spaces, and other general-purpose applications.

  • High-Pressure Industrial Fans (HP)

High-Pressure industrial fans are high static pressure and low volume fans which are suitable for combustion burners. These are much more cost-effective than centrifugal and axial fans.

  • Multi-Vane Industrial Fans (MV)

Multi-Vane industrial fans, also known as MV fans feature forward-curved blades to clean the air from the locations where factories are set up. These industrial fans are low-pressure fan systems and are widely used as flue fans and other light applications.

  • Backward Lamina Industrial Fans (BL)

 Backward lamina industrial fans feature backward inclined blades that are specifically used for general clean air and light dust movement. Apart from this general purpose, these fans can be used for other wide range of applications.

  • Backward Curved Industrial fans (BC)

Backward curved industrial fans are slightly more efficient than backward lamina industrial fans. These fans are non-overloading and are typically efficient for general clean air and light dust movement.

  • Backward Aerofoil Industrial Fans (BA)

Backward aerofoil industrial fans boast backward aerofoil blades and are widely used in air management systems where large volume fans with high efficiency are required, such as in commercial buildings and car park ventilation.


The different types of industrial fans find their application in a wide range of industries such as manufacturing units, food processing units, and healthcare industries. When thinking of industrial fan installation, do consider the environment (temperature and pressure), airflow volume, and many other factors to pick the right fan suitable for the particular industry.