316 stainless steel marine tube

316 stainless steel tube is a product used in marine applications where the corrosion risk is very high. The tubes are used in bow rails, grab rails and canvas top frames. These not only provide the functionalities but also an added look to the applications. These tubes are usually used in boats where passengers would grab the pipe for grip. So the pipe has to be stainless for safety. When ropes are used and the pipes are connected, they have to be strong as well. The 316 stainless steel tube provides both the safety and the strength. Also, when fitted on boats, these provide a good looking appearance value to the boats as well.

The 316 material is made in a way to be stronger and anticorrosive. It is an austenitic chromium nickel stainless steel. It also contains molybdenum in the composition. These additives make it less prone to chloride ion corrosion stress cracking. So these pipes could be used under the saline conditions of the sea water. The use of stainless steel 316 tubing is common in marine industries where structural requirements and aesthetic appeal are concerned. Depending on the grade and the standards, the prices vary. The stainless steel tube price list can differ from supplier to supplier, location of sale, transportation, market demand and the availability as well. The pipes could be found in different diameters, standards and grades. There are other superior grades as well as low grades. It is the choice of the end user that decides the required grades.