Tips To Avoid Amazon Account Suspension

Amazon suspended account is a common problem for all Amazon sellers. Recovering a suspended account is not an easy process. Suspended accounts can be costly for your business, so it will be best to educate yourself about Amazon account suspension and how to avoid it. Let’s read the full article to learn the tips for avoiding Amazon account suspension.

Have Correct Documentation

You should have correct documentation with a clear scanned picture for creating an Amazon account. The Amazon authority generally checks these documents. So, it would help if you ensured that they clearly understood it. It would help if you did not allow any shadows or fingers when taking the picture. Take a photo during the daytime without any reflection of sunlight. Your business name, address, and bank account should match the documents.

Adhere To The Amazon Policies And Guidelines

The Amazon policies and guidelines are updated periodically, and you will get a notification in an email if there is any change. It is also widespread to overlook these emails or leave them for next time. If you breach Amazon’s guidelines, then the chances are to get your amazon suspended account. In the case of product safety, the Amazon team is rigorous. In that case, they can suspend your account without warning you. So, ensure that your products are safe and not against Amazon policies.

Pay Attention To Your Stock

You should pay close attention to your stock level. The rates are high to get your Amazon account banned if the cancellation rate before the order reaches 2.5%. It simply means you get out of stock too often, so Amazon will suspend your account. You can take the help of inventory management tools to control the inventory.

Delivery On Time

Shipping is another important factor that may make Amazon suspend an account. When shipping any goods, you should not exceed the delivery date. This factor is related to the buying factor and indicates your account’s position. From your last delivery date and unpunctual shipment, Amazon can detect your shipping rate in the previous 30 days. If anything is offended there, Amazon can block it.

Never Sell Counterfeit Products

You should not copy or imitate any product or product image. This type of behavior is only wrong but also offensive. For such grounds, Amazon never allows you to recover your account. Make a listing of your products rather than copying them from anywhere. It would help if you did not run towards making money faster. This is one of the fundamental reasons that your Amazon account can get suspended.

Trademark Your Brand

You should only sell products that are given with a trademark under your brand. Otherwise, your brand can be stolen and used by another seller’s information. To avoid such circumstances, you should get legal approval for your business.


There is a lot of buzz for online selling. However, some challenges are also for selling products in the global marketplace. When dealing in the Amazon marketplace, they can throw you out if any discrepancy happens. In that case, you must perform your best to keep your selling account transparent. For some cases, the amazon suspension appeal may not work. So, work smartly with the utmost patience to continue your business success, especially when Amazon is your marketplace.