Vaping E-Liquid: The Benefits of Refilling

When using a vape, it is important to figure out where to purchase the best products. This is what is known as the “juice” that gives the vape its flavour and nicotine content. There are many factors to consider and many flavour options available.


Whether you prefer sweet or menthol, there is a wide range of flavours available for you to purchase. If you enjoy fruity flavours, you can purchase e-liquid in any fruit option you can imagine. There are even combinations that add a distinct and enjoyable taste to your vaping experience.

Those who enjoy menthol aftertaste will want to opt for flavours that include “ice” in the name. This icy option creates the same calming chill that menthol provides. The liquid will still taste like the given flavour but will also contain that aftertaste that mimics a menthol cigarette.

Another option is liquid that does not taste like any other type of food or fruit. These will taste closest to traditional tobacco and also come in menthol options. These are perfect for individuals who truly want to enjoy the process of vaping without having to adjust to any flavour in particular.

Size Options

Getting the best value is essential, especially when you are purchasing a product regularly. The great thing is that there are different sizes available for when your vape runs out of liquid. If you are looking to save money but still need a refill, a standard 10ml size or even a sample pack for some variety are great options.

If longevity is your main concern, you can buy what is known as a shortfill bottle. These are 100ml and still come in the fantastic options and flavours as standard bottles. You can fill the vape as you go, so whether you need a lot or just a topper, you can have the liquid on hand.

There are bundle options that allow you to get many full-size flavours in one purchase. If you are the type who likes to try new liquids, this is a great choice. The bundles come in packs of five or more to provide you with several choices.

Understanding that you have so many choices is great because you will truly see the benefits of buying refillable vapes. If you are smoking regularly, it makes sense to buy one that you can use for the long-term and change flavours as you see fit.