Why masses like IPTV system?

Masses have been using satellite/dish/cable TV systems for many years. They became used to the shortcomings of satellite/dish/cable TV systems and accepted these shortcomings as part of life. Masses accepted these shortcomings as they did not have any alternative solutions to confront these shortcomings and get a better solution.

People became used to that during inclement weather satellite/dish TV will not work and the dish TV signals will not be working during rain and storm. People became used to that dish TV connection is not possible if there are interruptions between satellites to dish connections. These interruptions were because ofskyscrapers in nearby location and orientation of satellite is not suitable to the dish at an individual’s home.

As there were no alternatives available, people accepted that dish/satellite connection is not possible in remote locations and they became satisfied with cable TV services. There were many places where mobile and many other connections were available but quality TV services were not available.

Why IPTV suits the needs of masses

IPTV or Internet Protocol TV transmits high quality IPTV streaming content on Internet Protocol. IPTV uses high speed Internet as backbone for transmitting TV contents to the users. Internet has widespread across the country and it is available at every nook and corner of the country either through wired or wireless or mobile connection. IPTV viewing is possible with high speed Internet connection, either wired or wireless. IPTV providersgenerally use best IP servers to supporthigh quality IPTV streaming for their customers.

IPTV does not require dedicated exclusive equipments for individual TVs. A user can use one IPTV subscription account to watch TV on multiple TVs at different times. It is recommended not to watch more than two TVs with one IPTV account. It is also possible to connect IPTV subscription account with other devices like Laptop, Desktop, IPAD, etc.

Since IPTV does not require dedicated connection equipments to be exclusively used for individual TV, hence an IPTV user does not need to buy these equipments. They also do not have to worry about the maintenance and replacements of these equipments.

Why IPTV is financially beneficial for users

IPTV becomes financially beneficial for users as IPTV systems do not require dedicated exclusive equipments for individual TVs. This helps in saving money for IPTV users as they do not have to pay for purchasing, maintenance and periodic replacement of these equipments.

IPTV providers allow one IPTV subscription account to be used for other TVs. However, they have restricted and advised IPTV users from using one IPTV account with multiple TVs simultaneously. But, one IPTV account can be used for any TV which has access to high speed Internet.

Masses like IPTV because it overcame the lacunae available with traditional satellite/dish/cable TV systems. It allows portability of IPTV subscription account with other TVs and devices like Laptop, Desktop, IPAD, etc. Masses also like IPTV systems as it is cost economical and allows optimal or better use of IPTV subscription account. It also reduces hassles of purchasing, maintaining and replacing of dedicated devices that are being used by satellite/dish/cable TV system.